Gift Card and Voucher Code

Gift Card/Certificate:

What is a Gift Card?
Gift card is a unique and innovative way to gift something to your friends and family. You can buy a gift card from us and print it to give to your friends and family.
The person receiving the gift card can buy any item from our website for the amount stated on the gift card.

How long is a Gift Card valid?
A gift card is valid for 1 year from the date of issue. Each certificate has an expiry date and amount stated on it.

If I buy a Gift Card how will I receive it?
You will receive an email from us with the gift card attached as a PDF file. You can print or email this to your friends and family to use.

How do I use a Gift Card/Certificate?
Each gift card comes with a unique code. You can use this code to pay for the items in your basket by adding the coupon code and clicking apply coupon button.

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Can I use a Gift Card for multiple orders?
No. A gift card can be used for only 1 order. You cannot use it to pay for multiple orders. Your total purchase amount can be less or more than the gift card value.
For example:
Scenario 1: If you have a 1000 Taka Gift Card and your basket total is 900 taka then you will not pay any amount to buy the items. You cannot use the remaining 100 taka to buy another item in a different order.

Scenario 2: If you have a 1000 Taka Gift Card and your basket total is 1200 taka then you will have to pay additional 200 Taka to buy the items.

Can I exchange a Gift Card for cash/money?
No. Gift Cards do not have any monetary value. You cannot exchange it for money.

Can I get a replacement Gift Card if I lose it?
Unfortunately we cannot replace or reissue a gift card if it is lost.

Can I get a refund for a Gift Card I have purchased?
Unfortunately we cannot issue you a refund for a gift certificate once it has been sent to you.


Voucher Code / Promotional Code

What is a Promotional Code?
A promotional code is  a unique code we issue to our valued customers from time to time to get discounts on our website.

How long is a Promotional Code valid?
A promotional code is valid for the time stated in the email or letter you receive with the code.

How do I use a Promotional Code?
You can use this code to get discounts for the items in your basket by adding the Promotional/Voucher code and clicking apply coupon button in your shopping basket.