About Us

coolBD is a sister concern of Creative Wings. As part of our work to bring out the creativity in children and all of us, we sell GENUINE items directly T-rex-Excavation-kitsourced from our suppliers in Germany, UK, Spain, Italy, France, USA and other European countries. We pride ourselves in selling GENUINE items with excellent customer service. Our items are carefully selected by our team of experts and sourced directly from various European countries to ensure best quality.

All our items meet the most stringent chid safety regulation of Europe and USA. All our children’s items are free from harmful materials like Mercury, Lead etc. We sell innovative and creative Educational items for children and young adults to further their knowledge and understanding of Science, Technology and Creative Arts.

We also sell various other hobby and cycling items for adults. We hope to be a one stop solution for all your creative and Educational requirements.

Science-Magic science-museum-kitchen-science Finger-Print-Kit hexbug-nano-v2-orbit-Kit




Natural_History_Museum_Dig_A_Glow_Dinosaur Flying-Science AquaDragons-pack_1024x1024